Stonebank Ironcraft (established in the 1970’s) a small garden ironworks company based in Gloucestershire founded and run by Rodney A’bear, an aeronautical engineer who for many years worked on the development of Concorde.


In 2005 it was acquired by our current directors Marcus Pollen and Johnnie Jourdan. They planned at the time to expand the Estate fencing aspect of the business and began growing the customer base with relatively quick success.


The company pioneered the system of continuously welded Estate fencing & grew quickly over the next 5 years becoming one of the market leaders in the supply & installation of traditional Estate fencing, and Servicing some of the leading landscape architects and private estates with clients from Devon to Denmark.


In 2012 with the success of Stonebank The company acquired a small architectural metalwork firm called Britannia, based in Alton, Hampshire  –  Britannia specialises in cast iron and forged steel products and quickly brought the company to many new locations around the UK particularly London where we have been working on exciting projects ever since.


The two Businesses were run separately until 2016 when we merged them to form Britannia Metalwork Services Ltd.

This is the company we run today which successfully services clients across many sectors of the construction and design world from large commercial projects such as Kew Gardens and Eton College to country Estates such as Burghley House and Chipchase Castle.


Recently Johnnies’ son Thomas has joined the business and the plan is to continue to grow our presence throughout the industry as well as expand our product lines.


Our latest move is to separate our current website into two. This is to allow for two more simple and easy to navigate sites which are focused separately on the Estate and Architectural metalwork respectively.