Grand Hotel Brighton

As well as skill and experience, genuine passion is a key ingredient of quality restoration work.

Our team have a breadth of experience in dealing with most aspects of handmade wrought iron including the conservation and/or restoration of true wrought iron and where necessary its replication. This coupled with our capabilities with cast ironwork enables Britannia to offer a full and varied metalwork restoration service.

The Company's approach to metalwork restoration is similar to the SPAB's philosophy of minimal intervention. However, where appropriate Britannia can undertake the manufacture of exact replica work.

Prominent examples of restoration contracts completed include the Temple Bar gates in London (minimal intervention approach), replacement of the fine eighteenth century railings to Shoreditch Church, The ornate bandstand on the promenade at Folkestone, The Burning Bush lantern at Eton College, The Holborn memorial, and the Railings and gates at The Royal Geographical society in London.

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