Black ridge crestings on gable

Architecture is as much about the small details as it is the big statements.

Decorative, or ridge cresting is usuall attached to the ridge of a roof, cornice, coping or parapet, it was originally made from metal such as iron or copper before being available in sheet metal patterns in the late 19th century.

We predominantly use cast aluminium with cast iron still very much an option for those requiring like for like restoration.


We have a variety of patterns available for cast ridge cresting, some of which are shown below. We are also able to work to your designs and create bespoke work.

Ridge Cresting 4.png
Ridge Cresting 3.png
Ridge Cresting 6.png
Ridge Cresting 5.png

Available in cast iron, aluminium and other ferrous and non- ferrous metals. All of our ridge cresting’s are manufactured in the UK using traditional sand-casting. We have a number of patterns in our library which we have established over the years, many of which are seen above. Specs of our existing patterns are available, please contact us for more information. We can create any of our cast ridge cresting to bespoke sizes and also can create new patterns of your design/choosing with a wide range of finishes available.