Shopfront metal grille

Providing an elegant and decorative solution to a practical application, from Kew Gardens to the USA.

Cast iron floor grilles are frequently referred to as Cathedral floor grilles, Ecclesiastical gratings, or Victorian decorative floor grilles. Often placed over channels holding heating pipes, providing a practical and decorative heating vent. Originally designed for churches they are increasingly popular in private houses and greenhouses and developments.

Apart from being used to disperse heat they can also be used as decorative ventilation grilles for shop fronts, set into steps or walls to act as air vents for cellars and basements and for ventilation covers on the outside of houses. They can also be seen in steps for ventilation to basements and flooring for external or internal balconies.

We are specialist in providing the highest quality cast iron and aluminium grills and gratings. We have had a number of special commissions including the grills for the refurbishment of temperate house at Kew. As with many of our products we have a selection of existing patterns ranging from the Victorian era to contemporary designs as well as simple square and round holed grills.

To see our existing patterns and sizes please see the size chart. 

For special designs or replicas of old designs please contact us to discuss.

A standard range of designs will soon appear in our shop.

We are happy to calculate the free air area of our grilles.

Grating 1-  CGA01.jpg

Available in cast iron, aluminium and other ferrous and non- ferrous metals. All of our grilles are manufactured in the UK using traditional sand-casting. We have a number of patterns in our library which we have established over the years, many of which are seen above. As most grilles are required to be made in different sizes we like to consult over the phone or via email to establish what sizes are required before providing an exact quote. We can create any of our grilles to bespoke sizes and also can create new patterns of your design/choosing with a wide range of finishes available.

Firstly, have a look through our pattern library to get an idea of what you like. Alternatively, of you would like a bespoke design, please let us know and we can create something based on your brief. All grilles can be hand painted in any colour.

Provide us with accurate internal dimensions of your room and an approximate design layout of the grilles. If you already have measurements for the grilles, please provide these.

We will then produce a detailed drawing showing layout and position of the grilles, with detailed dimensions for your builder to set out and construct the trench required for the heating elements.

The same drawing goes to produce a fully pre-manufactured frame to precise measurements, braced to form an accurate and rigid support for the grilles. The frame is dismantled into transportable and manageable sections for easy reassembly on site.