Our cast iron and steel staircases are the perfect way to turn simple access into eye catching architecture.

Staircases are an important feature of properties both internally and externally. We have designed and installed a wide variety of staircases with accompanying balusters and balustrades across the UK. We produce both straight and spiral staircases and are industry leaders in the creation and replication of cast iron staircases. 

Britannia design, manufacture and install cast iron or steel staircases of all kinds, many of our staircases are bespoke but we also have many original designs and patterns to choose from. All are manufactured in the UK, and installed by our fitting teams throughout the UK and occasionally Europe

Staircases are an essential feature of almost any property, but they are not just a simple necessity they are a vital feature in the design of rooms and even entire properties. A well-made architectural staircase can form an eye-catching focal point and really enhance the design of a building. The majority of our staircases involve a mixture of cast iron and steel we also incorporate cast aluminium. We have a range of standard sizes for all of our staircase components but also manufacture to order.

Spiral Staircase - Outline.png

We have a vast experience in designing and building spiral staircases both internal and external. We can build to a bespoke level and pride ourselves on finding clever solutions to what are often difficult projects. We offer cast iron and steel and as with many of our cast products we have a range of ornate Victorian patterns for (treads, rises).

Straight Staircase - Outline.png

A popular choice with our clients especially when leading from a raised floor into a garden or patio area. We offer a wide range of straight staircases. These can be simple fabricated steel or incorporate cast architectural patterns, either bespoke or from our library. 

Decorative metal spiral staircase

Our staircases often incorporate a mixture of cast and fabricated elements. We always aim to fabricate, weld and finish as much of the staircase in our workshop as possible. We then transport all finished elements to site where we build and install the staircase. This system allows for the highest quality finish as well as minimal disruption and time spent on the installation site.

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