Laquered balusters

A focus point of any staircase or balustrade, we have a range of traditional patterns as well as bespoke capability. Our range of designs runs from the present day right back to the Victorian era. 

A newel post is a structural upright post that stands at the beginning and end of a staircase which supports the handrail. Newel posts unlike balusters are almost always made of metal.

A baluster is a short decorative pillar forming part of a series supporting a rail or coping.

As with many of our products we are able to construct and supply balusters from both cast iron and fabricated steel. We have a range of cast patterns from the Victorian era right through to more contemporary designs.

We have worked with a range of interior designers and architects often to create more modern interiors; we find that bespoke steel and other metal designs are popular for creating a beautiful blend between modern and classic style.

We cover every aspect of the design, production and installation of balustrades as with many of our architectural products however we are also happy to supply individual components. For details of special designs or to commission replicas please contact us to discuss.

Balusters and newel posts are available in cast iron or aluminium and can be painted to any RAL colour.

N009 Newel.png
N007 Newel.png
N011 newels.png
N006 newel for Eaton Gate London Ltd.png
N008 newel modified for Dawson Place.png
N004 Newel.png

 Available in cast iron, aluminium and other ferrous and non- ferrous metals. All of our newel posts are manufactured in the UK using traditional sand-casting. We have a number of patterns in our library which we have established over the years, many of which are seen above. Specs of our existing patterns are available, please contact us for more information. We can create any of our cast newels to bespoke sizes and also can create new patterns of your design/choosing with a wide range of finishes available.