Decorative bare metal cast iron finials

Cast in the UK, our finials cover a wide range of original London patterns and much more.

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Adorning the tops of posts and railings, finials are both decorative and practical helping to add feature and even an element of security. 

We have a large range of cast rail heads, post tops and rail finials which can be manufactured in Cast iron or aluminium. As part of our portfolio we have a number of traditional London finial patterns. We also offer finial replacement.

Please see existing designs, or for information or to discuss special or replica designs please contact us.


We offer finial replacement as a service and are able to replace finials with exact replicas either from our pattern library or by taking a form of an existing example. It is worth bearing in mind that this is a high cost method of restoration and often a complete railing replacement is preferred.

We have a number of patterns of cast iron finial many of which can be seen above. All of our finials are manufactured in the UK using traditional sand-casting. Specs of our existing patterns are available, please contact us for more information. We can create any of our cast finials to bespoke sizes and also can create new patterns of your design/choosing with a wide range of finishes available.