Metal finishes

Metal is versatile, adaptable and durable making it ideal for finishing. 

Although they don’t form part of the structure, finishes are a vital part of architecture and design.  New materials, and applications allow us to create innovative, intricate interior layouts. Metal’s flexibility opens up it to almost unlimited applications while providing durability and which surpasses a number of other materials.


We offer a range of standard finishes with the capability to tailor and advance these depending on your preferences and requirements. See below for more information.

Painted railings with decorative finials

We had a dedicated paint shop where we use pressurised spray guns to achieve high quality paint finishes.


We have the ability to finish all our products in any RAL colour. For external metalwork we coat in Zinc before painting to protect against rust and corrosion. Some of our most popular colours are shown below.

Laquered baluster

Great for adding character to metalwork, especially for interior use.


We often apply lacquer over bare metal as it protects it as well as adding a different visual finish. The most common lacquers we use are clear with either a matt or gloss finish.

Bronze grille

Arc spray is a process that uses an electric arc to melt metal substrate wires. The molten metal is then atomised with compressed air to create a spray stream that applies the coating onto the surface being sprayed.


Among other things this technology allows us to coat metals including steel, aluminium and cast iron in a number of precious metal finishes. Commonly we use alloys of copper see below.

Specialist finishes can make all the difference when it comes to design. We are able to create many effects on metal and we are also happy to experiment. Tempering and pattinating steel can be an excellent way of ageing the look of the material as well as having a satisfactory textual finish. We also incorporate the use of antiquing fluid to provide yet more effects on metal.