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A staple of many London streets cast iron and steel canopies are a challenge, but one we relish.  

Canopies are a staple of many homes, especially in London, you only have to look down a street in Holland park to see entire rows of them, everything from the ornate cast iron of the Victorian era to the more modern steel examples.

Britannia has over 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of cast iron and steel canopies. We can replace/restore existing canopies or manufacture new to specific designs.

Britannia also has a wide range of brackets and columns from its library of patterns.

We have the capability to produce entirely bespoke canopies, made to order, made to any size and can accommodate the following: 

Drain pipes, pre-existing windows and vents, flat or pitched roofs and made to fit ground conditions e.g. attach front of canopy to front railings, follow steps and slopes etc.

  • structure

    The support structure of the canopy can be made from mild steel, cast iron or a combination of both.

  • roof

    Canopies can have a roof made from zinc, lead, copper, mild steel sheet or glass. We do not provide zinc, copper or lead roofing in house, but have relationships with firms that are able to supply roofing systems from these materials.

  • glazing

    Britannia do not glaze roofs, it is not our expertise. We have created many glazed canopies in the past and work with glass specialists around the country to achieve some fantastic results.

  • freestanding or attached

    Britannia has a range of decorative elements including posts/columns, brackets and friezes from its library of patterns.

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Our canopies can vary from a mixture of fabricated and cast elements to purely fabricated. All cast and fabricated elements will be brought to the site ready finished. Installation may involve some ground works such as concreting uprights and wall fixings all of which will be done by us. Any further welding or fixing will be carried out on site before a final detailed finish is applied. As mentioned, we do not provide the glazing service.

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