Architectural metal railings with finials

Examples of both our fabricated and cast railings can be seen throughout London and the UK.

Britannia are specialists in manufacture and installation of traditional iron railings.  Having installed both cast and fabricated railings in some of London’s most prestigious addresses we have not only the knowledge and the skill but many of the relevant casting patterns at our disposal. Our team of dedicated designers and fabricators can provide both cast iron and fabricated steel railings and also offer finial replication and replacement. In addition to this we also provide full restoration service, for more information on restoration click here.


These can be simple mild steel bars or more complex cast balusters. We can produce these in panel form or as individually drilled uprights. 


we offer a range of finial patterns which are produced using traditional loose pattern casting methods here in the UK. We also have a number of standard patterns which we produce on a larger scale. See here for more info. 

Front Railing Outline.png

A wide range of installation techniques can be used with railings depending on the design. We offer fabricated and cast panels as well as individually core drilled railings. We specialise in traditional railing design and installation techniques often installing replacement and replica Victorian railings around London. These are all details that can be confirmed on the site visit.

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