bespoke architectural metal gate

We have produced gates of all shapes and sizes, with designs both contemporary and traditional.

We specialise in producing bespoke metal gates in wrought iron, cast iron, or steel, from very ornate to very simple. We offer all our gates on a bespoke basis allowing each gate to be designed from scratch and made to measure and fit perfectly within the intended location. When it comes to the design, we are happy to provide free expertise and consultation as well as follow your designs.


We also specialise in restoration of ornate gates. Working on a verity of projects all with the aim of preserving some spectacular craftsmanship and heritage.


Some gates require pins or bolts to hold them shut/open, these can be standard or bespoke.


There are many options for the structure of the gate, it can be a fabricated steel frame as shown here with simple steel bars. Or more ornate designs incorporating cast elements as well as fully forged blacksmith designs. See gallery for more information. 

Copy of Harrington's gate white.png


We have a range of standard latch designs we use but are also able to produce completely bespoke designs. 


Depending on preference we have a range of final designs from simple to ornate. See here for more info.  

Metal gate with finials

We will usually always fabricate our gates in the workshop as it allows them to be fully finished before being brought to site for installation. Whether they incorporate cast elements or not, all gates will be fully welded, fettled, finished and painted by hand. On delivery we will offer full installation this can include groundworks and wall fixings all of which we have a range of options for.